coming home late
edition 3:3
the twenty seventh edition of the cherita

edited by ai li

This edition of coming home late showcases 90 fine cherita and cherita terbalik from writers and poets who hail from UK, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Poland, India, Romania, Pakistan and Ireland.


coming home late is the third edition for our third year.

There are two cherita in this edition from a new student of mine Myrto E. Angeloglou, who breezed into class one fine day with much positive energy, and immediately surprised me with her authentic poetic voice. These are her first efforts in this edition, and even though we did not have a campfire roaring in the room, I was quickly drawn into her very own private world of storytelling. And this is how it all begins . . .

For those of you who visit our website regularly or are visiting it for the first time but haven’t as yet submitted your stories, I encourage you not to hesitate, but to do so. For those of you a little uncertain with the genre, please be assured that I will guide you through your virgin efforts. I will be gentle with encouragement, and your stories via Cherita will begin to emerge with your very own unique voice. All our stories need to be written down, read and shared as Cherita. This process ultimately draws us all closer together, to celebrate our humanity via storytelling.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our cherita storytellers, for inviting us into their private world of heartfelt stories.

I have edited coming home late as I have all the other editions of the cherita to be experienced two ways. It can be read as one storybook but also as an anthology of individual poems. Two reading experiences within one book, filled with stories of Life, Love and Loss.

cherita terbalik continues to capture the imagination of poets and there are again fine examples in this edition.

Featured Poets as they appear in this edition :-

Larry Kimmel/ Peter Jastermsky/ Debbie Strange/ Patricia Prime/ Mark Gordon/ Paweł Markiewicz/ Joanna Ashwell/ Kath Abela Wilson/ ai li/ Taura Scott/ Michael H Lester/ Ron Scully/ Barun Saha/ Jonathan Vos Post/ wendy c. bialek/ Neha Talreja/ Réka Nyitrai/ paula song sarmonpal/ Tiffany Shaw-Diaz/ Joyce Futa/ Jackie Chou/ Hifsa Ashraf/ Mary Gunn/ Rachel M. McKee/ Muskaan Ahuja/ Myrto Angeloglou/ Joellyn Murphy/ Maryalicia Post/



we are tethered

to this earth
and to each other

our veins,
blue rhizomes searching
for light in the dark

Debbie Strange


The cherita lighthouse has been awarded to the following writers/poets in this edition for their timeless cherita :-

Larry Kimmel/ Debbie Strange/ Patricia Prime/ Joanna Ashwell/ wendy c. bialek/ Joyce Futa/ Jackie Chou/ Rachel M. McKee/ Myrto Angeloglou/ paula song sarmonpal/ Paweł Markiewicz/ Réka Nyitrai/ Kath Abela Wilson/ Taura Scott/ Peter Jastermsky/

I have enjoyed the challenge of selecting and collating for this edition and hope that you will find the cherita within worthy of a campfire gathering and the sharing of meaningful stories.

If this new edition strikes a chord with you, please feel free to review, comment on Amazon or give a feedback directly to me. Many thanks.


ai li

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