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ai li

editor of the cherita




Let’s Cherita
and here’s how to . . .

It’s springtime in London
and I’m celebrating the longer days
with words that have become cherita


i love

the breath
of flowers

when they open
when their world
is new

ai li
from keepsake


a tap on the window

disturbing my reverie
i was nine again

my aura
being kissed
by butterflies

ai li
from i’m going home


fairy ring

i wait
until dusk

to become
a child

ai li
from nothingness


Make ink dance


the butterfly
on my windowsill

that did not go home

wind comes
and takes
its spirit home

ai li
from a dark sea


in a room

without language

then the moon

ai li
from nothingness


my inner scars

there be

to burn
them off

ai li
from nothingness


Find the magic in your Everyday


a little

night music

my window
a little wider
for stardust

ai li
from say autumn


black hair

its way

my poems
chinese byroads

ai li
from the promise of rain


in the backwoods

i sleep nude
and the owl

telling anyone
who can
hear him

ai li
from i remember a night


Remember the wonderment when you were a child
your first firefly
and shooting star . . .


apres dusk

after food
is consumed

my garden bench
giving me

ai li
from stolen nights


burning eucalyptus

for the scent

the sound
of oil leaving
the leaves

ai li
from i hear the night


not a sound

my rooftop

a snowflake
on my tongue

ai li
from how soft the light


Tell your stories of Life . . .


the gift of song

evening rooftop
dino’s that’s amore

for two pigeons
rubbing feathers
to stay warm

ai li
from finding the magic


when i hear

the accordion
i see my mother

on the back door
of her dreams

ai li
from night rain


laying chopsticks

for the dead

no one
should be hungry
in our family

ai li
from paper flowers


. . . and those of Love


the night

into bed

with me
it must be
lonely too

ai li
from we cannot go back


scented envelope

to open or
not to open

a garden remembered
the summerhouse
a butterfly strayed into

ai li
from keepsake


ghost confetti

i’m sweeping
them up

before i wake
my yellowing
wedding dress

ai li
from dream merchant


. . . and also those of Loss


the last lantern
on a low branch

it’s late summer
and i won’t be here
next year

ai li
from night rain


in the hand coloured
wedding photograph

bridal bouquet

the third ghost

ai li
from finding the magic


this country lane

with the evening smoke
of homes

i pause and remember
a garden gate
you closed

ai li
from keepsake


. . . and how can we leave out Renewal


air vent

i hear
the man

in the room
next door
being male

ai li
from i remember a night


at the end

the healing

an empty room

ai li
from the promise of rain


waking up in the far east

where i was born
the light of generations

before me
coming down
like prayer

ai li
from night rain


. . . and last but not least, be the best storyteller you can be with cherita :


the candle

blown out
before bedtime

i take smoke
to bed

ai li
from the morning songs


in the deep forest

of childhood
a witch’s brew

that cured all ills
i’m looking for her
in old age

ai li
from nothingness


time for

the storyteller
to leave

the tea drunk
the room
now scented

ai li
from finding the magic


all cherita above copyright © ai li 2023