the word healers
a special anniversary edition
of the cherita
selected and edited by ai li


celebrating 24 years of Cherita
22 June 1997 – 22 June 2021



the breath

a story
made concrete

ai li

copyright © ai li 2021


As this is the 24th birthday of the Cherita genre, I have decided to also release the word healers, an Anthology of selected timeless Cherita from several earlier editions of the cherita, accompanied by a new Cherita book of mine – their wind songs, to celebrate this joyous occasion.


the word healers is a special edition and I have lovingly dedicated this book to all storytellers, and especially to the poets who have contributed so magnificently to the cherita over the years.




I have selected and collated Cherita from various earlier editions of the cherita to create a new story to cover the timeless themes of Life, Love, Loss and Renewal. Eighty seven poets from UK, USA, Singapore, Lithuania, Poland, Trinidad, India, Australia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Kingdom of Bhutan, New Zealand and Portugal share with us again their 91 heartfelt stories.

With Cherita, we are never far from the proverbial campfire of storytelling which resides in our psyche. With its six lines, memories can be made almost tangible again. We are, after all, word healers and we use words to heal our injured world. This edition is available in paperback and kindle on Amazon.

cherita terbalik continues to capture the imagination of poets and there are again fine examples in this edition.

Featured Poets as they appear in the word healers :-

Rajani Radhakrishnan/ Tiffany Shaw-Diaz/ Arturas Silanskas/ ai li/ Paweł Markiewicz/ Carol Raisfeld/ Christine L. Villa/ Larry Kimmel/ Caroline Skanne/ Gillena Cox/ Robin White/ Ruth Kay/ Stevie Strang/ Andrew Riutta/ Terri L French/ Marilyn Humbert/ Myrto E. Angeloglou/ Michael H. Brownstein/ Erika Wilk/ Kath Abela Wilson/ Michael McClintock/ John Tehan/ Paul Bryce/ Gavin Austin/ Ernesto P. Santiago/ Richard St. Clair/ Lesley Anne Swanson/ Carmela Centro/ Elizabeth Moura/ Johnny Baranski/ Malintha Perera/ Samar Ghose/ Constance Griesmer/ Oz Hardwick/ steve travis/ Anjela Villarreal Ratliff/ Alegria Imperial/ Alexis Rotella/ Ruth Ingram/ Isabella Kramer/ Christina Sng/ Angela Giordano/ Peter Jastermsky/ Maryalicia Post/ Margaret Dornaus/ Madhuri Pillai/ Mekhled Alzaza/ aimeé loreé/ Jessica Malone Latham/ Geoffrey Winch/ Nicholas Klacsanzky/ Goda V. Bendoraitiene/ Akane/ Peter Larsen/ Réka Nyitrai/ Debbie Strange/ Ben Taylor/ Sonam Chhoki/ Julie Warther/ Tamara K. Walker/ pamela a. babusci/ Pat Geyer/ Michael Lee Johnson/ Patricia Prime/ Robert Horrobin/ Keitha Keyes/ Ron Scully/ paula song sarmonpal/ Rachel M. McKee/ arvinder kaur/ Carol Purington/ jan oskar Hansen/ Michael H Lester/ Autumn Noelle Hall/ Richard Milton Grahn/ Tia Haynes/ Jack Priestnall/ George Tardios/ Brendan Slater/ Dave Read/ Martina Robles Gallegos / Alan Summers/ Aparna Pathak/ Kala Ramesh/ Sheila Windsor/ Joanna Ashwell/ Neha Talreja/

Two Cherita from the word healers :-


now 10 years
here I turn
rain into thunder,

into loneliness

Michael Lee Johnson


don’t love me

the music
plays on

will dance

Carmela Centro




the word healers has been edited to be experienced two ways. It can be read as a storybook and as an anthology of individual poems.

I have enjoyed the challenge of selecting and collating for this special anniversary edition of the cherita, and hope that you will find this book of timeless cherita worthy of a campfire gathering and the sharing of meaningful stories.

If this book strikes a chord with you, please feel free to review, comment on Amazon or give a feedback directly to me. Many thanks.

ai li
storyteller oasis