M Kei, the editor of Atlas Poetica has also very kindly given the cherita permission to post this Published Examples and References Cherita Bibliography which was compiled by ai li and published in Atlas Poetica 27.

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 ai li
 #cherita hashtag on Twitter
ColoradBoulevard.net : Poetry Corner : New Forms 12 October 2016 
Frogpond,Haiku Journal of The Haiku Society of Autumn 2012, 35-3, Page 55 
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond Jan 2016 : one cherita example each from Larry Kimmel and ai li
Winfred Press 
Blue Smoke:  Stark Mountain Press 2016 
shards and dust: bottle rockets press, 2014  
Blue Night & the inadequacy of long-stemmed roses: Stark Mountain Press, 2011 [originally pub. by Modern English Tanka, 2009] 
The Piercing Blue of Sirius: selected poems 1968 – 2008 [download for free] 
Collected Poems 1968 – 2008:  Winfred Press, 2010
Alone Tonight: Haiku, Tanka & Other Sudden Lyrics: Winfred Press 2010 
Sheila Windsor 
all things tanka 2 October 2016 
A History ofTanka in English Pt I : The North American Foundation, 1899 – 1985 by M. Kei 
Atlas Poetica 20: A Journal of World Tanka saw the formal addition of Cherita their submission guidelines 
Neverending Story 
Bright Stars 3: An Organic Tanka Anthology
Bright Stars 4: An Organic Tanka Anthology 
Bright Stars 5: An Organic Tanka Anthology
Bright Stars 6 An Organic Tanka Anthology
Bright Stars 7: An Organic Tanka Anthology 
Atlas Poetica 20 – 27: A Journal of World Tanka with fine examples of Cherita
Dawn Manning’s Postcards from the Dead Letter Office: Burlesque Press 2016  
Sketchbook March/April 2010: A Journal for Eastern & Western Short Forms
Poets Collective
Shot Glass Journal 
Graceguts ‘In Good Company: An Exploration of Haiku-Related Linked Forms, Supplement #3 of Acorn haiku journal’, Redfox Press 2003
o.Ben Johnson  poetry forms
Folded Word
Deviant Art 
The Sunbeam
Poetry Magnum Opus
The Poets’ Graves Workshop
The Poets’ Graves Workshop
The Poets’ Graves Workshop 
Denis M. Garrison Poetry
Simply Haiku Summer 2009
familyfriend Poems September 2016
Poetry Soup – War – A Cherita suit 
The Starlit Cafe by Sallee 2015
Poetry in the Moment 
The Sculptor (Cherita) 
Graceguts – Breaking through Novelty – A survey of Invented Forms of Linked Poetry 
Poets of g+
Zee Zahava
Poetry Project: mrbpics
blue smoke 
Live Poets at Soul Food 
Poetic Dreams
Poetic Dreams 
Poetic Dreams
Poetic Dreams 
Poetic Dream 
Western New England Poetry Collection 
Twtongues bilingual cherita
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: BJs Shadorma and Beyond – November 22 2014 
Across the realm of short verse . . essay by Rita Malhotra, Poet, Mathematician, India 
one cherita by elizabeth alford in hedgerow #93
family friend poems 28 February 2017
Cherita: A New Romance! – Poem by Jude Ogunade
David Parker : Ceasefire Cherita on Twitter
Poetry Friday : A Cherita
Brekekekex Koax Koax



links to other sites of interest and merit


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