you bring me
edition 3:1 of the cherita
anniversary and the twenty fifth edition
edited by ai li

Welcome to the first edition of the third year of the cherita and Cherita’s 22nd birthday.

You have made this continuity possible by writing and submitting all your cherita gems for consideration.

This edition of you bring me showcases 90 fine cherita and cherita terbalik from writers and poets who hail from UK, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Poland, Canada, Romania, Australia, Ireland and India.


This anniversary edition, in my opinion, is full of promise for the longevity of Cherita. For those of you who are not new to the genre, you have demonstrated that Cherita allows a writer/poet to widen their style of writing Cherita by introducing new ways of re-telling their very own or heard stories. For those of you who are new to Cherita, I encourage you read up on as many examples of the genre you can get your hands on and experience what Cherita, with its 6 lines format and terbalik possibilities can bring to your writing experience.

While it is perfectly fine to write Cherita as diary or journal entries, if, however, you would like your writing efforts to be published in the cherita, I would advise you to discover or channel a new way of looking at the everyday, where all our Life, Love and Loss stories emanate from. If you can bring a subtle kind of lyricism and a hint of Oriental sensitivity into your Cherita offerings, these qualities will elevate your pieces with a timelessness that will make them stand out from the mundane. This quality of writing will further connect us all with their authentic and heartfelt sentiments of who we are as human beings, of the myriad of feelings, trials and tribulations we go through in our lives, despite our many differences.

Why not become the Cherita Wordsmith you were destined to be ?

I have edited you bring me as I have all the other editions of the cherita, to be experienced two ways. It can be read as one storybook but also as an anthology of individual poems. Two reading experiences within one book, filled with stories of Life, Love and Loss.

cherita terbalik continues to capture the imagination of poets and there are again fine examples in this edition.

Featured Poets as they appear in this edition :-

Kath Abela Wilson/ Patricia Prime/ ai li/ Peter Jastermsky/ Joanna Ashwell/ Pat Geyer/ Michael H Lester/ Paweł Markiewicz/ Larry Kimmel/ Michael Lee Johnson/ Mark Gordon/ Hazel Hall/ Taura Scott/ Robert Horrobin/ Geoffrey Winch/ Maryalicia Post/ Pravat Kumar Padhy/ Keitha Keyes/ paula song sarmonpal/ Jonathan Vos Post/ Giddy Nielsen-Sweep/ Joan Stern/ Joyce Futa/ Réka Nyitrai/ Mary Gunn/ Debbie Strange/



in darkness

the comet shower
a touch across space

the light trails
we miss
while we sleep

Joanna Ashwell



The cherita lighthouse has been awarded to the following writers/poets in this edition for their timeless cherita :-

Michael H Lester/ Michael Lee Johnson/ Patricia Prime/ Mark Gordon/ Hazel Hall/ Geoffrey Winch/ Joanna Ashwell/ paula song sarmonpal/ Robert Horrobin/ Réka Nyitrai/ Larry Kimmel/ Peter Jastermsky/



I have enjoyed the challenge of selecting and collating for this edition and hope that you will find the cherita within worthy of a campfire gathering and the sharing of meaningful stories.

If this new edition strikes a chord with you, please feel free to review, comment on Amazon or give a feedback directly to me. Many thanks.


ai li

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