the storyteller
edition 3:6
edited by ai li

This edition of the storyteller showcases 90 fine cherita and cherita terbalik from writers and poets who hail from UK, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Israel, Lithuania, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Romania and Pakistan.

the storyteller is the sixth edition for our third year.

You will find a number of strong collaborative cherita in this edition. For anyone new to the genre, a collaboration can be a quick and excellent way of foraying into the storytelling mode of Cherita with one or two fellow writers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what someone else’s sentence or sentences can trigger off in your subconscious, allowing a story to be born.

My special thanks go out to all the poets who participated in the collaborative pieces within this edition, and to all the writers and poets who contributed and helped make this another strong edition.

I have edited the storyteller as I have all the other editions of the cherita, to be experienced two ways. It can be read as one storybook but also as an anthology of individual poems. Two reading experiences within one book, filled with stories of Life, Love and Loss.

cherita terbalik continues to capture the imagination of poets and there are again fine examples in this edition.

Featured Poets as they appear in this edition :-


ai li/ Joanna Ashwell/ Kath Abela Wilson/ Tim Callahan/ Taura Scott/ Patricia Prime/ Joellyn Murphy/ James Haddad/ Jonathan Vos Post/ Myrto E. Angeloglou/ paula song sarmonpal/ Larry Kimmel/ wendy c. bialek/ Erika Wilk/ Zohar Teshartok/ Peter Larsen/ Jurate Norvaisiene/ Mindaugas Valiukas/ Jackie Chou/ Debbie Strange/ Jolanta Lukociene/ Peter Jastermsky/ Mary Gunn/ Isabella Kramer/ Gregory Longenecker/ Sharon Hawley/ Deborah P Kolodji/ Bon Callahan/ Elva Lauter/ Robert Horrobin/ Pauli Dutton/ Pat Geyer/ Réka Nyitrai/ Hifsa Ashraf/ James Won/ Vilija Visockiene/ Gvidas Latakas/


through the sunset rain

a rainbow crown
on the nearby hills

of my mother’s voice
calling us home

Patricia Prime


The cherita lighthouse has been awarded to the following writers and poets in this edition for their timeless cherita :-

Joanna Ashwell/ Kath Abela Wilson/ Tim Callahan/ Patricia Prime/ Myrto E. Angeloglou/ Larry Kimmel/ Gregory Longenecker/ Jackie Chou/ Debbie Strange/ wendy c. bialek/


I have enjoyed the challenge of selecting and collating for this edition of the cherita and hope that you will find the cherita within worthy of a campfire gathering and the sharing of meaningful stories.

If this new edition strikes a chord with you, please feel free to review, comment on Amazon or give a feedback directly to me. Many thanks


ai li

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