in my palm
edition 2:7, the nineteenth edition of the cherita
edited by ai li

This edition of in my palm showcases 90 fine cherita and cherita terbalik from writers and poets who hail from UK, USA, Singapore, India, Philippines, Italy, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand.

in my palm is the last edition of 2018. So much has happened this year – we’ve had a Mad about Cherita contest being the first ever Cherita competition dreamt up by Christine L. Villa of frameless sky, a small selection of my cherita translated into Hindi and Punjabi in under raintrees by Arvinder Kaur in India, the first Cherita book Whispers of Dawn, A Book of Cherita by Celestine Nudanu in Africa, and my selection and editing of Larry Kimmel’s long-stemmed roses, to name just a few exciting happenings in Cherita’s continued growth.

I have also had a selection of my published cherita set to music by Richard St. Clair and I have been invited to give a lecture once upon a cherita . . .in the prestigious Peranakan Museum in Singapore about cherita and storytelling, to hopefully start 2019 off with a loud bang.

My writing class once upon a cherita . . . has yielded two budding cherita poets to date who have taken to the cherita with much enthusiasm and gusto. I wrote about the first new poet last month and she is now joined by another promising new poet. The two poets retain their own voices in the way they write the genre. I have been asked to reprise my cherita writing class for another twelve weeks in the new year to be followed by a further twelve weeks. At this rate, I may have to extend my class by a half hour each week.

STOP PRESS – A third cherita poet has just joined the two poets I mentioned above. I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to nurture fresh talent. I am hoping that 2019 will produce even more exciting fresh cherita voices eager to share and tell their stories. Fingers crossed.

I have edited this edition as I have all the other editions of the cherita, to be experienced two ways. It can be read as one storybook but also as an anthology of individual poems. Two reading experiences within one book, filled with stories of Life, Love and Loss.

cherita terbalik continues to capture the imagination of poets and there are again fine examples in this edition.

Featured Poets as they appear in this edition :-

Peter Jastermsky/ Andrew Riutta/ Gregory Longenecker/ Joanna Ashwell/ Antonietta Losito/ Kath Abela Wilson/ Tiffany Shaw-Diaz/ Arvinder Kaur/ Ernesto P. Santiago/ Jackie Chou/ Patricia Prime/ Richard Milton Grahn/ Richard St. Clair/ ai li/ Robert Horrobin/ Maryalicia Post/ Shoshanah Steinberg/ Larry Kimmel/ Ron Scully/ Pat Geyer/ Michael H. Brownstein/ Tia Haynes/ Pauli Dutton/ Taura Scott/ Joyce Futa/ Dan Sandman/ Christine L. Villa/ Elva Lauter/ Lynne Fayne/ Joanne Morcom/ Michael H Lester/ Peter Larsen/ Geoffrey Winch/ Grace Galton/ Madhuri Pillai/ Ruth Ingram/ Mary Gunn/ paula song sarmonpal/ Keitha Keyes/ Autumn Noelle Hall/ B.S. Saroja/ Joan E. Stern/ Josette D’Orazio/ Sharon Hawley/ Erika Wilk/



her red stilettos

finding their way

another of
my poems

Geoffrey Winch

I would like to take this opportunity thank all of you – poets, writers, contributors readers and cherita enthusiasts for your unstinting loyal and kind support for 2018. Please keep the cherita campfires burning into 2019 and beyond.

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Your cherita stories continue to inspire short form writers and readers and so please keep on writing them.

If this new edition strikes a chord with you, please feel free to review, comment on Amazon or give a feedback directly to me. Many thanks.

ai li



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