gembun anthology 2
selected and edited by ai li


Celebrating Gembun’s Silver Jubilee
12 June 1997 – 12 June 2022

Another unique storytelling short form genre
created by ai li


evening, the second also eagerly awaited Gembun Anthology 2 has launched, published by the 1-2-3 press, of 92 virgin gembun.

I was so very humbled by all the support I received from my call for the very first Gembun Anthology.  We now have a second Anthology to be followed by Anthologies 3, 4, 5, and 6. You have excelled yourselves yet again, and the result is evident within the pages of this new book. I took my time selecting and collating to ensure that this anthology showcases not only the best of Gembun, but how and what you can write with Gembun. This Anthology can be used as a strong reference book for aspiring Gembun writers.

My wish is for the Anthology to become a series for showcasing the best of the Gembun genre with the gifts from your writing. 


Featured Poets as they appear in ecening from the USA, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Canada, The Philippines and Japan :

ai li/ Larry Kimmel/ Patricia Prime/ Richa Sharma/ Kath Abela Wilson/ Jackie Chou/ Taura Scott/ Keith Evetts/ Joanna Ashwell/ Orrin/ Laughing Waters/ Kala Ramesh/ Lakshmi Iyer/ Shloka Shankar/ Radhamani Sarma/ Subir Ningthouja/ Hifsa Ashraf/ Arvinder Kaur/ Vijay Prasad/ Sharon Hawley/ Genie Nakano/ Sigrid Saradunn/ James Haddad/ Timothy Dee/ Lynne Jambor/ Madeleine Basa Vinluan/ Steve Brisendine/ kris moon kondo/ R. Suresh Babu/ Neena Singh/ Partha Sarkar/ Lynne Fayne/ Tim Callahan/ Peter Larsen/ Ritchie Albert/ Sushama Kapur/

a gem
award has been awarded to the following writers and poets in this edition for Gembun that shone :

Larry Kimmel/ Richa Sharma/ Taura Scott/ Kath Abela Wilson/ Laughing Waters/ Jackie Chou/ Radhamani Sarma/ Genie Nakano/ Sigrid Saradunn/ James Haddad/Timothy Dee/ Lynne Jambor/ kris moon kondo/ Neena Singh/ Partha Sarkar/ Vijay Prasad/ Peter Larsen/ Ritchie Albert/ Shloka Shankar/ Laughing Waters/ Orrin/



Here are three Gembun from evening :


wind chimes

a bamboo alley
sways in the breeze
my summer dress

Laughing Waters


once played
on this field

withered grass

Kala Ramesh


a little Chinese song

i know from his eyes
what it means
to him

Kath Abela Wilson




evening has been edited to be experienced two ways. It can be read as a storybook and as an anthology of individual poems.

I have enjoyed the challenge of selecting and collating for this second anthology of Gembun, and hope that you will find this book of timeless gembun worthy of a campfire gathering and the sharing of meaningful stories.

If this book strikes a chord with you, please feel free to review, comment on Amazon or give a feedback directly to me. Many thanks.

ai li