deepening night
Gembun Anthology 5
selected and edited by ai li


A new year for Cherita [22 June 1997] and Gembun [12 June 1997]
their 26th year of being, and for our rising young contender Dua

Another unique storytelling short form genre
created by ai li


deepening night is our fifth Gembun Anthology published by the 1-2-3 press, of 92 virgin gembun.


deepening night, Gembun Anthology 5, has attracted writers and poets from UK, USA, Singapore, India, Africa, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, Germany, Japan and The Philippines.

Featured Poets as they appear in deepening night :

Kath Abela Wilson/ James Haddad/ ai li/ Jackie Chou/ Radhamani Sarma/ Sharon Hawley/ Uchechukwu Onyedikam/ Ron Scully/ Maxianne Berger/ Diane Funston/ Genie Nakano/ Taura Scott/ Hifsa Ashraf/ John Hawkhead/ Jayashree Maniyil/ Arvinder Kaur/ Orrin/ Tim Gardiner/ Ann Smith/ Sigrid Saradunn/ Bonnie J. Scherer/ zee zahava/ Sandra Regan/ Pitt Büerken/ Shloka Shankar/ Chidambar Navalgund/ Richa Sharma/ Laughing Waters/ Aishwarya Vedula/ Rick Wilson/ Neena Singh/ kris moon kondo/ Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo/

a gem has been awarded to the following writers and poets in deepening night for Gembun that shone :

Jackie Chou/ Kath Abela Wilson/ Uchechukwu Onyedikam/ Hifsa Ashraf/ Arvinder Kaur/ Tim Gardiner/ Orrin/ Richa Sharma/ Diane Funston/ Aishwarya Vedula/ Chidambar Navalgund/ Neena Singh/ Taura Scott/ Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo/ James Haddad/

Here are three sample gembun from deepening night :


temple bells
in the garden

a praying mantis

Neena Singh


she saw
me sitting
nothing doing

i was watching her

James Haddad


with closed eyes

i become
a sculpture
of rain

Richa Sharma


deepening night has been edited to be experienced two ways. It can be read as a storybook and as an anthology of individual poems.

I have enjoyed the challenge of selecting and collating for this fifth anthology of Gembun, and hope that you will find this book of timeless gembun worthy of a campfire gathering and the sharing of meaningful stories.

If this book strikes a chord with you, please feel free to review, comment on Amazon or give a feedback directly to me. Many thanks.

ai li