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The inaugural edition of the cherita telling a story has launched
and so has our second edition no sat-nav … no map … no regrets
with the third edition on its way shortly . . .

you can read editions one and two on our flipbook page now.

celebrating the 20th anniversary of ai li’s
creation of the cherita 22 june 1997 – 22 june 2017

In June 1997, ai li, the founding editor and publisher of still, moving into breath, dew-on-line, and now the co-editor of the cherita, created a new short form called cherita. You can find more information about the cherita and ai li on our origins, biographies, articles and bibliography pages.


The Original Guidelines

CHERITA [1 — 2 — 3]
[pronounced CHAIR-rita]

Cherita is the Malay word for story or tale. A cherita consists of a single stanza of a one-line verse, followed by a two-line verse, and then finishing with a three-line verse. It can be written solo or with up to three partners.

The cherita tells a story. It was created by ai li on the 22 June 1997 in memory of her grandparents who were raconteurs extraordinaire. It was also inspired by Larry Kimmel’s sensitive recognition of a shorter form contained within the opening three-verse stanza of ai li’s LUNENGA, which had been created on the 27 May 1997.


The Editors of the cherita

​ai li – creator of cherita
Larry Kimmel – godfather to the cherita

You can find more information about our two editors on our origins, biographies and bibliography pages.


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