F L I P B O O K   A R C H I V E S

N.B. Please be aware that editions two, four and six will soon be migrated to print versions and Kindle.


no sat nav … no map … no regrets
the second edition of the cherita

We, the editors, of the cherita : your storybook journal, are pleased to announce the arrival of our July edition: no sat-nav … no map … no regrets



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Larry Kimmel has selected 76 new and original cherita by 32 poets from the UK, USA, India, Australia, Ireland, Canada and Ghana.

As in the inaugural June edition there are images to enliven the pages, though I have not attempted the epic one image per cherita format of ai li’s flagship edition. Just a pinch of spice, here and there.

I hope you will delight in the storytelling within as much as I did. 

The collection has been designed to showcase individual cherita, but is also designed to be read as a single long poem, which can be thought of as a fragmented stream of consciousness, one plucked from our common understanding, our shared awareness.

Open the cover, turn the pages and enjoy this unique narrative by our one yet varied voice.


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