telling a story
the inaugural edition of the cherita

We are more than proud to announce the arrival of our bumper inaugural edition in time for the cherita’s official twentieth birthday 22 june 1997 – 22 june 2017.


 telling a story
the cherita : your storybook journal


do read me

ai li has selected 76 fine and inspiring cherita poems from writers and poets from the UK, USA, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Ireland and Canada.

The same number of images plus one have been selected by ai li to complement the cherita within, making this a unique reading experience to savour.

I hope you will be patient with the downloading of number one. I have tried my best to ensure that your waiting time is shortened as much as I possibly can

We hope you will immerse yourself in the storytelling within and that these stories will take you all on an explorative journey filled with wonder, contemplation and ultimately of interconnectedness.

To quote our former art director – vive la cherita !


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