F L I P B O O K   A R C H I V E S


N.B. Please be aware this edition six of the cherita will be the last edition to be migrated to print and Kindle.


and so we danced and somewhere a carousel
the sixth edition of the cherita : your storybook journal

For this month of waning sunlight, ninety cherita, both somber and lively, in two volumes edited by Larry Kimmel. In ‘and so we danced’ you will find 45 new cherita by 26 poets from USA, England, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. ‘somewhere a carousel’ brings you 45 fresh cherita by 29 poets from USA, England, Canada, New Zealand Australia, Ghana, Trinidad and India. Altogether 90 cherita by 39 poets from nine countries.



and so we danced



read, too,
somewhere a carousel




In these two volumes, images enhance the finest work of today’s cherita poets, again sequenced to make of many stories one long story cast across the length of two volumes. Each page contains a story to be read as a story unto itself within the arc of the longer story. It is so designed that each volume can also be read as a single story of stories. Art is never fixed, but always open for interpretation and re-creation by the reader.

Open the cover, flip and enjoy.





Once we notify you that we have accepted your poems for publication, either in the online journal or print journal, please do not share or submit your work elsewhere until we have published your work, or the editor will withdraw your work from publication. We also ask that you refrain from republishing your work in any medium for 90 days from publication in the cherita: your storybook journal.Thanks.




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