let it rain and when i can’t sleep
the fifth edition of the cherita : your storybook journal


With the arrival of autumn, ai li has again collated and edited two volumes of 156 of your cherita stories for those long and dark nights.

let it rain and when i can’t sleep edited by ai li have emerged with poets from UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Greece, Singapore, India, Romania, New Zealand, West Africa and Sri Lanka in the first volume and with poets from UK, USA, Australia, India, Ireland, Singapore, Canada and Japan in the second.

There are 78 cherita in each volume.

We also have three way and two way fine collaborative cherita written by three and two poets for you to enjoy, and hopefully be inspired by.

ai li has specially selected images to complement each cherita, which, in turn also tell their own stories.

Enjoy the fifth edition which you have all helped launched with your fine contributions, and by continuing the age old tradition of storytelling with your words and your stories.


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N.B. There are no images in the print version of the cherita.

let it rain




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