Y O U R    C O M M E N T S

Larry and I would like to thank everyone who has so very kindly sent us their warm and encouraging wishes for the cherita. We won’t let you down and that’s a promise.

Do please keep sending your comments in now that our inaugural edition telling a story, and second edition no sat-nav … no map … no regrets have launched.

It won’t be too long before the third edition joins the first two editions of the cherita. Do look out for it.




What an honor to be included in your journal! Jackie Chou


God Bless you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet a new challenge – I love that.  Daniela Becher


I remember years ago admiring your work and enthusiasm at Still. You and Larry make a great combo. Kirsty Krakow


Thanks to you, I hope to be writing cherita for a long time to come. It’s progression and pacing intrigue me and differ from tanka in significant ways. I continue to explore, prod, stretch, and find the thoughts that best fit. New rhythms and percussions!
Michael McClintock




thank you, ai li. it’s excellent.,

i posted this on twitter.

ps) cherita is really taking off there. lots of quality cherita. 
steve travis


My Saturday morning To Do List was long and daunting … and then I read the e-mail telling me that the cherita’s issue #2 no sat-nav … no map … no regrets had arrived. Needless to say, not a single thing on my list got done, but, oh, what a great Saturday morning it was, spent reading 76 wonderful cherita from poets far and wide! Congratulations, many thanks and best wishes to every one of you! John Tehan


 . . . my congratulations to all. Madhuri Pillai posted on cherita poets on site


The second edition is here! CONGRATULATIONS to Kathabela Wilson, Alan Summers, Debbie Strange, Pamela A. Babusci, Kala Ramesh, Samantha Sirimanne Hyde, Patricia Davis, Rebecca Drouilhet, Madhuri Pillai, Alee Imperial Albano, Robin White, Michael H. Lester, ai li, Larry Kimmel, and many others! Christine L. Villa posted on cherita poets on site


Many thanks for sharing this great news with me. Chen-ou Liu


I cannot express the love and thanks I feel for the journal and for the stunning dedication. It is overwhelming.

I plan to continually focus on the new issue as well as the past! And to encourage and expand the Cherita Poets on Site!

… it is almost 3 am here … i woke up and wanted to thank you and share. Hugs to you both!! Kathabela Wilson


Congratulations on your second edition of the cherita – rich and intriguing stories with evocative images. The cherita is a truly wonderful form.

So happy to be in this edition – I really appreciate your support.
Samantha Sirimanne Hyde


larry, this is an excellent collection of cherita . you and ai li are amazing.
linty chim on twitter


Congratulations on the release of your beautiful second issue. I’m delighted and honoured for my small tales to take their place between the covers of this lovely cherita storybook! Debbie Strange


Thanks so much for including my cherita in issue #2.  I love the photo you found to match up with it. Pat Davis


Such variety in the 2nd edition! I read it through twice and felt like I’d been on a global trip dipping into others’ lives via micro-mini vignettes. Wonderful accompanying images as well. Congrats to Larry Kimmel! Anjela Villareall Ratiff  posted on facebook


Thanks so much for this wonderful edition of cherita, Larry!! Wow, so much to breathe in for joy. I love the images and the “stories” you paired with them. Thanks again for taking mine. You will surely hear from me again. Alegria Imperial


Thanks, Larry – I look forward to exploring it, and I am naturally honoured by your choice of title. Oz Hardwick


Read it this morning and also forwarded the e-mail to a batch of poets. Looks great! Beautiful job. Love the sound effects of turning the pages …. Stanford M. Forrester


gosh, I hate flip books … what about making a downloadable pdf?
Johannes S. H. Bjerg  posted on facebook


congratulations! can’t wait to read it. Caroline Skanne posted on facebook


I enjoyed reading the second issue. I did make a quick browse but will go back to savor it when time permits.

Looking forward to the next issue and to writing more cherita.
Christine L. Villa


A wonderful collection of cherita. I’m honored to be a part of, “our one yet varied voice.” Teresa Evangeline


Congratulations to all the poets whose cherita appear in issue #2! A special congratulations to Kathabela for her special mention as a champion of the cherita! Michael H. Lester



You’ve raised the bar a notch higher!
What a beautiful, thought-provoking collection of poems.
And the art work makes it resonate at yet another level.
Breathtaking. Lesley Swanson


Kudos on a fine achievement. George Swede


This may be the second edition but it is in fact your inaugural edition of the cherita Larry. You have made no sat-nav … no map … no regrets your very own and I hope the readers will enjoy reading through the stories with their accompanying images within like I did. Congratulations and well done for a full bodied edition! I am so proud of you. ai li


Enjoyable, ai li and Larry. An elegant form. Alexis Rotella


oh YES, the latest issue of the cherita…. splendid!
emotionally satisfying.
visually gorgeous.
truly you two are engaged in a labor of love and it shows.
you are sharing such pleasures with the wide community.
i am glad to be part of that community and to receive notice when the flipbook appears.
thank you for this pleasure.
the joy of seeing work by people i already know and admire (through brass bell and hedgerow) and the joy of discovering new writers.
sending love & appreciation to you both,
zee zahava


Pleased to have 8 cherita included in the exquisite 2nd issue of The Cherita. The unique flip book format creates a beautiful tone poem that lingers. Thanks to this month’s editor Larry Kimmel!! Peter Jastermsky posted on facebook


Oh Larry Kimmel and ai li that is so beautiful. (+ sweet surprise…) Thank you so much. Kathabela Wilson posted on facebook


This is great. Thank you Larry. Celestine Nudanu posted on facebook




 I did indeed see and immensely love the entire layout of the inaugural issue of Cherita. The images were breathtaking. Matsukaze Prejean


The Cherita has a stunning debut, ai li. I’ve read through it all twice, yesterday and this morning. The “flipbook” technology worked quickly, easily, and with no problems at all. The storytelling element in the cherita you have selected is an exciting and pleasurable experience, engaging the imagination. Readers will want more and writers will want to try it. The use of artwork throughout has been beautifully done, poems and art given the space they need to root and expand in the mind. Congratulations to you and Larry! Your co-editor brings enthusiasm and wide-ranging sensitivities and vision.

I hope to have poems to send to The Cherita sometime this year; I will see where my explorations with the form take me. I have plenty of time to give it my full attention. The Malay origins of the cherita idea you described simply and clearly — your use and management of language is highly evolved, just as it was in the days of Still, toward other purposes and a different focus. No new publication in poetry has impressed me more in the last decade. The Cherita is truly a winged horse and, I predict, will have a long and remarkable history in the high art of the short poem. Michael McClintock


I am slowly paging through the cherita journal… I love the pace. It gives pause and has a dramatic sense of direction and import. I am posting on Cherita Poets on Site about it

I will copy paste a few of my comments.

I won’t post any of our poems here as the great pleasure of reading them in this beautiful journal is the best! Every cherita is alternated with a page with an illustration, deeply resonant and gives us pause to see think and savor! Go to The Cherita to read, be inspired and AMAZED ! Thanks to ai li for the cherita and its wonderful story book journal!

Alexis Rotella, beautiful beautiful “telling a story” in The Cherita journal… I am “paging through” and I love the way your cherita unfolds. I can see it… and feel it (shivers of pleasure)

Caroline Skanne amazing cherita…one following the other. I so love them and the sensitive pairing ai li did -image to poem particularly with the two –oh! Unforgettable thoughts to sky.

Kala Ramesh reading your “dreamer” in The Cherita this morning. Exquisite. http://www.thecherita.com/flipbook/

Shrikaanth K. Murthy your “cherry blossom” cherita woke me up with a start this morning– very powerful and …oh! in the Cherita inauguaral issue. http://www.thecherita.com/flipbook/

Love the dedication to M. Kei… and I thanked him on twitter. I’ll keep sending you comments as I read through. Kathabela Wilson


i just read it cover to cover & wow it is gorgeous. seems completely effortless… congratulations to a marvellous first issue! thanks so much for including my work, a joy & honour. your treacle is my absolute favourite. i hope you’re celebrating! . . . you did a stunning job with those images & the whole issue was a JOY. i’ve heard only positive things on social media, a real buzz. but i already knew the cherita would be a success with such splendid editors. Caroline Skanne


The inaugural edition is nothing short of spectacular!

You have realized your vision and this journal stands among the best out there, if not the best.

My heartiest congratulations to you both!

Thank you for the mentions and for including my cherita in the journal.

With sincere appreciation and admiration, best wishes and warm regards,
Michael H Lester


My expectations for the inaugural edition of the cherita: your storybook journal were quite high, and you’ve exceeded every one of them. Good show!
Best regards and many thanks, John Tehan


Just a little note to say how much I enjoyed ‘the cherita – your storybook journal.’

Your journal is awesome! Deeply inspiring, captivating stories and it is so visually gorgeous. I love the flipbook format too.

Thank you so much for your wonderful creation – I feel very privileged to be a part of the inaugural edition of your journal. 

I’m reading the journal now for the third time and am finding more layers in meaning and correlation between the stories & images that I had previously overlooked. Just breathtaking! Samantha Sirimanne Hyde


I, too, thoroughly enjoyed the first edition of the cherita. Robin White


 I have read through the cherita: your storybook journal three times!  What a stellar production.  I am so honored and humbled to be part of it.  Thanks for all your work.   I am looking forward to the July issue. Pat Davis


What a very good idea for the Cherita!

You are the author of this new form of poems and I love it.

Nobody convinced me to write in the past and with your personality, encouragement and friendship support, I discovered another world of sincerity and refuge.

It was my best therapy in the past year, when I was depressed and thank you to my angels for meeting you in Burma! Anne-France Stevenson


And then the great surprise of ai li’s cherita monthly flipbook. So glad she’s back in town. I musn’t overlook Larry Kimmel who is ai li’s co-editor. We have so much to look forward to. It’s hard enough to devote one’s energy to a quarterly, let alone a monthly or a weekly. Alexis Rotella from her blog


  . . .  congratulations! i hope it’s a big success for you and ai li both. Jim Kacian


I was thrilled to see the first issue! Awesome work! I can’t wait to find the time to relax and enjoy one evening of just enjoying the book. I love the poems and artwork!  More power to the journal!!! Christine L. Villa


I’m happy to be included in the first cherita issue, too! Congrats to all the poets! Patricia Davis posted on facebook


Congrats on this publication. I’ve thought about writing a cherita, but haven’t yet done so. But will give it a try at some point! Michael Dylan Welch


. . . about my first thoughts on reading the lovely works in the inaugural edition. from what I have read I really like the poems of Jan Oskar and Urszula. Arunansu Banerjee


I’m very impressed and so proud of you.  That was a hell of a lot to take on at short notice.  And you did it.  An elegant, classy publication.  You’re back . . .

Oh, that is impressive!  Well done.

WOW.  wonderful.  excellent.  Anyway, a marvelous achievement, ai li.  I like the pics with my cherita.  Everything is glorious.  A great start, rest your eyes.  

If you want to just bask in the glory of the moment, knowing you’ve done a smashing inaugural issue to celebrate 20 years of cherita, do so. 

You deserve a day off and some special food. Larry Kimmel


Congratulations. Well done! Guat Hua and Hock Han


WoW! It’s wonderful! Beautifully realized. Excellent cherita and the images selected are perfect. I love the minimalism yet it’s very rich and alive. I am very impressed. You should be very proud …  Teresa Evangline


  . . . people are raving about Cherita on Facebook. I see what you mean about the art being a lot of WORK. Thank you for including my cherita. Hope you can get some rest now. Alexis Rotella


Congratulations to ai li and Larry Kimmel on the publication of the inaugural edition of the cherita volume one : number one : early summer 2017. Hansha Teki posted on facebook


Had a quiet night reading the very first issue of The Cherita. I was enthralled with each poet’s storytelling! Thank you so much, ai li, for the opportunity to be a part of this. Congratulations to all my poet friends. Thanks for sharing your stories! Christine L. Villa posted on facebook


Bravo on your bumper inaugural edition of The Cherita.

a cup of tea
blue sky

Sheila Windsor


Congratulations and all the best Ai Li. Nimu Parmar


 Wow! What a lovely job you have done of the inaugural edition of the cherita.
You have set the standard high. How wonderful. Gavin Austin


Congratulations on a beautiful achievement.. it is delight full.. Maryalicia Post


I love the issue and this art form.  . . . Yes, I like the way you have included the images and I do love the way my cherita is presented. Kala Ramesh


Congratulations on this breathtakingly beautiful inaugural issue!!!!  eiko yachimoto


Gorgeous issue! Congrats to all the cherita poets. 
Sanjuktaa Asopa posted on facebook


Looks wonderful!!! Don Baird


Heartiest congratulations !!!!!!! I feel honoured to be part of this inaugural issue. Thank you for including my work. Aparna Pathak


 Beautiful–both the poems and the pictures.  Thank you. Elizabeth Howard


Just reading it now and it looks fantastic!!!   congratulations to you both. Ron C. Moss


 the first issue looks great!! many thx again for including two of my cherita.
 pamela a. babsuci




 New beginnings are blessed events; congratulations and best wishes on yours! John Tehan

 You have my best wishes for all the cherita projects. I’m glad to see more editors taking an interest in it. . . . Best of luck with everything. M Kei

This is wonderful news . . . and you’ve picked a good co-editor . . . Your plans for the online journal and the print form anthology sound wise and complete. . . .Best wishes to you both, and to the cherita — may it live forever! Michael McClintock

Your invention captivated me . . . To the Cherita! George Swede

I surely do wish you well with it. It will be a great success – the poetry world has needed a new vision. I will watch from a distance. Joy McCall

it sounds just wonderful… Caroline Skanne

The new anthology and online journal of cherita sounds very exciting . . . All best wishes for your venture. . . . I’m looking forward to reading all the selections. Patricia Prime

This is great news and very exciting! . . . Take care and have fun with your project. Sheila Windsor

Hats off to you for inventing it. . . . Keenly looking forward to your issue. Kala Ramesh

I am sure issue #1 and all future issues of the journal will be wonderful.
Your hard work and dedication in putting it together is a sight to be seen, Ai Li. You are definitely a force of nature.
Despite my early, unplanned, and unanticipated exit, I will rest easy in the knowledge I had something to do with the creation of the cherita: your storybook journal. I know it will be something to proud of and I am truly sorry I will no longer be a part of it.
Thank you both for this brief but rewarding and educational experience. . . Vive la cherita! . . . I’m sure the first issue will be outstanding! Michael H Lester

This is an exciting venture! Christine L. Villa

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity with an equally amazing form. Matsukaze Prejean

Congratulations on embarking on this exciting new adventure! . . . I’m looking forward to reading your new journal. Debbie Strange

All the best with your new journal. Chen-ou Liu

It’ll be fantastic to have a publication dedicated solely to the cherita form. Here’s wishing you and your new journal every success. Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

. . . i am so excited about the very first issue. . . . Wish the magazine all the very best ! Malintha Perera 

There is something about the form – the relationships between the ‘steps’ – that I really enjoy. . . . Penny’s article really articulates the appeal that the form has to me, too. Oz Hardwick

It is lovely to have a new journal for cherita. Thanks for starting one with Larry. . . Best wishes for the success of the journal. Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

. . . and I do send you my best wishes for its successful launch. . . . I shall look forward to seeing the first issue. Geoffrey Winch

May I also offer thanks to you for inventing this most beautiful form of expression? Paula S. Zwenger

. . . good luck with your new journal. . . . I look forward to reading the June issue. Joanna Ashwell

I wish you and Larry every success in this exciting project. Keitha Keyes

How exciting! Alegria Imperial

Really looking forward to this journal! Gabriel Bates

I look forward to reading the upcoming issues of the cherita. Urszula Funnell

I’m so very excited to be part of your new journal and to read all of the stories in it. Thank you for your interest in my work. Jennifer Hambrick

I’m fairly new to the form, but I find it both challenging and fun; it is amazing to me how much those 6 short lines are able to contain! . . . Best of luck with this endeavor! Autumn Noelle Hall

I wish you the best success for the publication. Margherita Petriccione

 May I wish you and Larry every success with the launch of the cherita. ka kite ano. Hansha Teki 



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