B I R T H D A Y    C A R D


Happy Birthday to the Cherita

22 June 1997 – 22 June 2017


Twenty years old today
and we are so proud of you.

The fledgling has become a white crane.

Congratulations, Mazel tov and yum seng to you.


 ai li and Larry Kimmel



22 June 2017
a tribute to ai li
on the 20th anniversary
of her creation of the cherita


~  ~  ~


from out of the silence


in the beginning

storytelling began


let me tell you a story

said one to the other

and they listened one to the other


~  ~  ~


Best wishes, ai li, on this joyous occasion,
John Tehan


Happy Birthday to cherita! May it bring more poets together and may its wings fly even higher. Christine L. Villa




 Aili, you’re a wonder . . . Sandra Hallo




Outstanding Ai Li,
Bon Anniversaire!
Anne-France Stevenson



Happy Birthday !! Penélope O´Meara



Happy birthday to the cherita! Thank you for inventing this beautifully versatile and emotive form – a lasting poetic legacy… solstice blessings  Debbie Strange




Happy birthday to the Cherita, such an exquisite poetry form. Congratulations ai li and Larry Kimmel. Celestine Nudanu posted on cherita poets on site



Happy Birthday!

twenty years

of many, many
remarkable tales…

thank you
ai li and Larry Kimmel
for cherita
Pat Geyer posted on cherita poets on site



i send you my gratitude, ai, you have created something very special with the cherita…
Caroline Skanne




Happy birthday!! 🎂 Elizabeth Alford posted on cherita poets on site




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