a visit across decades
the seventh edition of  the cherita : your storybook journal
edited by ai li

Our December edition of the journal edited by ai li, has 77 fine cherita written by poets who hail from India, UK, USA, Singapore, West Africa, Canada and Australia. We are again showcasing a collaborative cherita between two poets. The flexibility of the cherita genre continues to surprise and amaze me. Thank you all for helping me celebrate its versatility.

Thank you too to everyone who made this edition possible by so generously contributing their fine cherita to this end of year edition.

I hope you will enjoy all the stories within as much as I have enjoyed collating and placing them where they not only shine, but also highlight the talents of their respective writers.


Here is an example from the book :-


is it true or not

the word that slipped
before you fell asleep?


I tucked it carefully
under my pillow
all through winter


Christine L. Villa



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a visit across decades



Once we notify you that we have accepted your poems for publication, either in the online journal or print journal, please do not share or submit your work elsewhere until we have published your work, or the editor will withdraw your work from publication. We also ask that you refrain from republishing your work in any medium for 90 days from publication in the cherita: your storybook journal.Thanks.




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