autumn deepens
edition nine of the cherita : your storybook journal
edited by ai li

This edition showcases 77 fine cherita from poets who hail from UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, India, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Poland and Croatia. Four cherita terbalik or inverted cherita are featured along with two collaborative cherita.

Larry Kimmel very kindly reminded me recently that many moons ago in an email to him, I coined the name for the inverted cherita using the Malay word terbalik which means reversal or upside down. I can’t thank him enough for recalling that email of mine.

The cherita terbalik [pronounced chair-rita tur-bar-lake] can be written with stanzas of [3-2-1], [2-1-3], [1–3–2],] 2–3–1] and [3–1–2] and with up to 3 partners. I hope you will all try this, either solo or with your writing friends, and submit your best efforts to me. This edition features the 3-2-1 format. The 2-1-3 format will be featured in a forthcoming edition of the cherita.

So far, the response to the print and ebooks have been more encouraging than I had hoped. Thank you all for your continuing support.


Here is an example from the book :-


the trick is forgiveness

not permission
our thoughts wander

other landscapes
with the taste
of new nectar


Peter Jastermsky


All the best of the year to you,

ai li


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autumn deepens




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